Reusable project in Gradle


I am considering to migrate a project from Maven to Gradle. So far, I have only theoretical knowledge of Gradle. I have done the reading and the transition results look promising. Before proceeding, however, I wanted to hear your opinion.

Given the following desired project structure in Maven, could it be successfully migrated to Gradle?
The key requirement here is that the ‘reusable-module’ could be reused across different projects without any modifications to it.

  ./pom.xml - aggregates all sub-modules
  ./reusable-module/ - identical across different parent projects 'project-1,2...N'
  ./project-1-module/ - project-specific contents
  ./project-1-conf/pom.xml - contains project-specific properties that override settings in                                                                 the 'reusable-module' and the  'project-1-module'

Any potential challenges overriding default values in the ‘reusable-module’ with the project-specific ones from a sibling project ‘project-1-conf’?

This is (more or less) a cross-post to maven mailing-list.