Resume Failed Task (Publish)


I currently have the problem to be bound to a relatively unstable artifact repository manager. While I managed to work around the dependency resolving problem by just retrying downloads the publishing is something else.

When retrying publish of a release version the repository manager blocks duplicate publishes of a final version. This means that if I can upload some modules of my multiproject build and others fail (with timeouts), I need to restart my publishing with the project that failed.

I’ve found a archived thread How do I continue a failed build from the point of failure? that mentions a gradle/resumeBuild.gradle.
This has been moved to a buildSrc plugin and again to smth else

While it looks rather simple I must admit that I don’t see, what it does and what not. I’d be happy it anyone could explain the intention behind it (and maybe why the feature is not part of the regular gradle release).

kind regards