How do I continue a failed build from the point of failure?

I have an enormous (>500 sub projects) build, and often when I am making sweeping changes, a full build will fail after a dozen or so sub projects. After I fix the problem, is there a way to get gradle to continue from that point, and not go back to look at the ones it has already completed?

(I can do this in maven with the --resume-from switch; is there a gradle equivalent?)

There is no built-in way other than rerunning the build. Typically, it will get to the resume point rather quickly, as until then all tasks should be up-to-date.

If you want something like Maven’s ‘–resume-from’, it’s fairly easy to implement it yourself (e.g. see ‘gradle/resumeBuild.gradle’ in the Gradle codebase). This may not work correctly though if task execution order isn’t deterministic (e.g. when using ‘–parallel’), or if a task isn’t a function of its inputs.