New feature: Continue execution on task failure

(Adam Murdoch) #1

We’ve just added a --continue command-line option. When you use this option, Gradle will continue execution when a task fails to execute. It will respect task dependencies, and won’t attempt to execute tasks whose dependencies have failed.

For example, if I run ‘gradle build --continue’ for a multi-project build, and test compilation fails for my ‘core’ project, Gradle will skip the tests for the ‘core’ project, but continue on to compile and test my ‘plugins’ project.

Why is this useful? It means that I can get maximum feedback from the build. I can run ‘gradle build --continue’, and Gradle will build, test and check as much as it possibly can (and I can go off and have a coffee while it’s doing so, rather than running ‘gradle build’, waiting for it to fail, fixing the problem, then repeating). You get the same benefit with your CI build, too (with or without the coffee).

The logging is still pretty rough, but the feature is useable. Please give it a try using a recent snapshot.