Plugin publish problems

> Task :hibernate-gradle-plugin:publishPlugins FAILED
Plugin depends on project ':hibernate-core', but project has multiple Maven publications. Will use first publication (org.hibernate.orm:hibernate-core:6.0.0.Beta1) as dependency in POM.
* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':hibernate-gradle-plugin:publishPlugins'.
> /mnt/jenkins-workdir/workspace/hibernate-orm-release/tooling/hibernate-gradle-plugin/src/main/java (Is a directory)

No idea which is the actual problem here, but both show up in the log. And neither really make any sense.

  1. The directory /mnt/jenkins-workdir/workspace/hibernate-orm-release/tooling/hibernate-gradle-plugin/src/main/java absolutely exists
  2. Yes the project in question has 2 publications, and it has had 2 publications all of the other times I have published this plugin.

Any thoughts what the underlying issue might be?

And as a side question, the task logging says it will pick one of the publications, but the task shows FAILED for that reason. The message seems wrong or at best misleading

If the scan helps - Build Scan™ | Gradle Enterprise

([HHH-14871] Temporarily disable hibernate-gradle-plugin - Hibernate JIRA)

To clarify, the 2nd publication relate to “relocations” and actually have different GAV corrdinates.