Renamed user, now can now no longer can use gradle

I renamed a user from Gianna to Caleb. I have changed everything in the registry Users\Gianna\ to Users\Caleb. I have reinstalled gradle and I can’t find any files in gradle with “Gianna” in them. Even so, I am still getting an error because it is trying to create the .gradle folder in a directory that doesn’t exist. Here is a screenshot of build error:

Hello Caleb, I think this is not a specific gradle issue. Instead I think it’s a problem with your permissions. I’m not an windows expert, but renaming a user account can cause a lot of trouble in windows I think. I would try to start with a fresh created useraccount.

cheers, René

That was my plan. I wanted to see if there is a way to fix it first.

as mentioned. you can try to fix your privilleges to be able to write in the directory listed in your screenshot. but I guess there are a plenty of folders to fix

I checked, and all my permissions seem to be good. Basically the problem is that something, somewhere, is trying to create a folder in the old user directory.