Gradle have to have improve creation of caches [version 5.6.4]

There is issue with gradle and I guess that it is possibly due to fact that gradle creates so long names e.g.:


I can see issue with bootRun task that application was not possible to start
after I have changed a gradle user home dir from implicit to explicit it seems there is no issue at least for now.

Now I can see that there is only workaround by changing gradle user home folder, but this is not real solution as if there is no protection that respect used filesystem limits so my suggestion is that it should be used shorter file names at least (e.g. instead of using word “_closure” it could be used e.g. just "c ").

What makes you believe the long class names are an issue for Gradle? Are you having problem where the JVM would throw exception because of long path issue on Windows? If so, try moving your project to a different location on the disk (closer to the root), If you can’t, then try remapping the Gradle directory to a Virtual Drive and execute Gradle from there.

Dear Daniel_L,
I did this (I mean I had changed a gradle home to shortest possible path) even prior I have opened issue there otherwise I cannot continue with my work. In any case this file are subject of gradle as it is located under e.g. GRADLE_HOME\caches\6.0.1\scripts-remapped\build_2xyj9vk6ngi4xwuivtvjbcf9t\da1sm9frj07j6zzcy3daf5nlj\cp_proj27b7120d8bed45e60dd0b95b8e5ecea0\classes\…_run_closure12_closure13$_closure14$_closure15…class

I think that this is junior developer issue if it is not taken to account limit of file system. In no way it should be created such long name (paths) and I do not know what such classes there is, but if it is connected to project classes (e.g. Java) then this has to be fix as soon as possible as lambda is used more and more so that issue can appear more and more.

Sorry to say, but I suggest to Gradle team to start more care about Gradle bugs instead of releasing new features.