Pull Request: DCO — The sign-off is missing


Made a small PR 3703 and the DCO states that the Sign-off is missing. But I made this PR thru GitHub and usually, there is no need to add the Sign-off. So how could I correct this PR?

The process changed today. You need to correct the commit, not the PR. The details were added in the same file you changed, but it looks like you missed them by a few minutes:

Signing Off Commits After Submitting a Pull Request

I think you are missing one point. For changing and commiting the change of the CONTRIBUTION.md file, I used the web interface of GitHub where ther is no way to amend the commit or execute any git command referenced in this chapter: Signing Off Commits After Submitting a Pull Request1

It doesn’t really matter how you created the commit and PR. At this point, if you want to fix the commit you already created, you need to follow those instructions for fixing the commit (using the command line).

Otherwise, you need to start over and make sure you do what it says, which is make sure your commit message contains the Signed-off-by line:

Signed-off-by: Your Name <Your.Name@example.com>

I posted more information about the change at Change in the contribution process.

@zosrothko Thank you for your contribution. When using the GitHub UI, you have to add Signed-off-by manually line to the commit message to indicate that you accept the terms of Developer Certificate of Origin. As @jjustinic mentioned the options now are to start over or do the steps documented in our contributing guide. Even for a change done via GitHub web interface, you should still be able to fix your commits in https://github.com/zosrothko/gradle/tree/patch-3.