Change in the contribution process

(Piotr Jagielski) #1

Here’s an important announcement for those who contribute or would like to contribute to Gradle open-source codebase.

So far we required signing Contributor License Agreement (CLA) before accepting contributions to the Gradle codebase. We are now replacing this process with a more light-weight requirement to accept Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO).

Accepting the DCO is indicated by signing off Git commits using -s or --signoff flag or using an appropriate option in IDE (supported in IDEA and Eclipse). The same process is used for example in the development of Linux Kernel and by the Node.js project. Automated checks are now in place to verify that all commit messages contain the Signed-off-by line with an email address that matches the commit author.

For pull requests submitted or modified from now on, you will see such verification done by probot/dco tool on the pull request page in GitHub. The new process is applied in all public repositories in and GitHub organizations. In case you didn’t know or forgot about signing off commits before creating a pull request, we included instructions to sign off commits later in our contributing guide for your convenience.

Pull Request: DCO — The sign-off is missing