Problems uninstalling 1.1.0.v20160223-1921-m

While testing moving from STS to Buildship I somehow installed 1.1 milestone from Eclipse software repository | The Eclipse Foundation. Now, being hit by a bug (also discussed here), I want to install 1.0 milestone in which it has been fixed. So I go and uninstall 1.1 features.

However, during uninstalling Eclipse warns me that

“Buildship: Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle” cannot be fully uninstalled because other installed software requires it. The parts that are not required will be uninstalled.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t say, what the dependents are. So I go on with that, restart Eclipse and still see that although Buildship disappeared from “Installed software” and “Features” tabs of “Help/Installation details” dialog, all the Buildship plugins are still present:


as well as those, related I think:


Of course this forbids installation of Buildship 1.0 milestones, as this is considered as a downgrade by Eclipse (the error message is Cannot complete the request. See the error log for details. "Buildship: Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle" will be ignored because a newer version is already installed.)

Is it some specificity of my installation (I also have Bndtools installed, and had STS plugins), or is it a problem with Buildship?

There is nothing special about Buildship, except that for some Eclipse packages a specific version is added by default and can’t be removed.

Apart from this, could you please give it a try and revert to a previous installation state:
Click Help > About Eclipse > Installation Details > Installation History, then select the state before Buildship 1.1 was added and click revert.

I can’t revert, because some other plugins are no longer available in their repositories.

Testing on a fresh Eclipse installation I’m able to install and uninstall 1.1, and then install 1.0. So this must be some dependency from other plugins…

What do you mean @donat by “except that for some Eclipse packages a specific version is added by default and can’t be removed”?

By Eclipse packages I meant Eclipse distributions. Buildship is by default part of the following ones:
Eclipse for Java Developers
Eclipse for Eclipse Committers
Eclipse for RCP/RAP developers
From these pacages you can’t uninstall the shipped version of Buildship (I’m not sure on the upgraded versions).

But nonetheless, it just came my mind that the STS Gradle integration has a dependency to the org.eclipse.buildship.core plugin.

I handled the problem by the means of ignorance: just created a new Eclipse installation (thank you, Oomph!) and clean install confirms that I can install and uninstall both 1.0 and 1.1.

For the curiosity I’d try to diagnose the problem on my previous problematic installation, but I’m lack of tools and knowledge. I wanted to trace the reverse dependencies and OSGi wiring with the Buildship, but I don’t know how to do it.

Does Equinox console can show such information (eclipse -console)? Does installing PDE in the running instance can help detecting the problems in this runtime?

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