Plugins: publishing, time availability, usage restrictions and limitations


(Maksim Kostromin) #1

Hello folks,

it would be nice if you can me with this:

  • can I figure out somehow if problem with resolving classpath dependency is not depends on repository unavailability? When I’m installing plugin locally it works fine, but after publishing I can’t use it… How can I understand if plugins is not available yet or this is some plugin jar-help issue, which is not reproduced with local maven repo on mavenLocal()? Right now, I’m checking availability (for my plugin id: 'io.github.daggerok.soapui-runner version ‘5.0.1’) in this way:
    $ http head
    $ http head
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK

and seems like target jar is available, but build still failed…

  • next, assuming plugin is available, Is there any restrictions for using published plugins, should I wait some time after plugin published or there is a way to check it?
    gradle testrunner --stacktrace
    gradle loadtestrunner --stacktrace
    • but build on travis is fails, build log is here

Thanks for any help


(Maksim Kostromin) #2


Skip please my example from previous post - seems like I found a problem: It was plugin issue: I used implementation and testImplementation in my plugin build file… Problem was fixed after I changed it to compile and testCompile.


(Stefan Oehme) #3

Unfortunately the plugin publishing plugin doesn’t yet support the api/implementation split.

(Maksim Kostromin) #4

Good to know

Regards, Maksim