Plugin cannot be resolved from custom Artifactory using Gradle 3.1

I’m using Gradle 3.1 and would like to use the plugin “wsdl2java” ( in my project. As my development computer only has access to our internal Artifactory, this is what my files look like.


pluginRepositories {
    maven { url = 'http://myhost/artifactory/plugins-release' }


plugins {
    id 'no.nils.wsdl2java' version '0.10'

I can access the plugin via browser on http://myhost/artifactory/plugins-release/no/nils/wsdl2java but when I run a Gradle task I get the following error message:

Plugin [id: "no.nils.wsdl2java", version: "0.10"] was not found in any of the following sources:
- maven(http://myhost/artifactory/plugins-release) (Could not resolve plugin artifact 'no.nils.wsdl2java:no.nils.wsdl2java.gradle.plugin:0.10')

What am I missing here?

Support for proxying the Gradle Plugin Portal using the new plugins {...} / pluginRepositories {...} notation has not yet been implemented. The original method using the buildscript {...} block is your only option for plugins on the portal if you must proxy it.

The reason is that the initial plugins {...} block implementation makes a web service call to resolve the maven coordinates from the plugin ID when using the plugin portal. Marker interfaces solve this problem for plugins publishing to your own repository, but these aren’t currently available for the plugin portal.

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