Cannot resolve artifacts for custom plugin published to the Plugin Portal

(Google Cloud Tools for Java Team) #1

Hi, I am having trouble using a plugin published to the Gradle Plugin Portal. Specifically, the plugin is published at

I published the plugin by adding id 'com.gradle.plugin-publish' version '0.9.10' to the plugins of the build.gradle and running ./gradlew publishPlugins:

> Task :publishPlugins 
Publishing plugin version 0.1.0
Publishing artifact build/libs/jib-gradle-plugin-0.1.0.jar
Publishing artifact build/libs/jib-gradle-plugin-0.1.0-sources.jar
Publishing artifact build/libs/jib-gradle-plugin-0.1.0-javadoc.jar
Activating plugin version 0.1.0

The plugin shows up on the Gradle Plugin Portal (, but when I try to use the plugin in another project by adding id '' version '0.1.0' to the plugins of the build.gradle, Gradle fails to configure with:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
A problem occurred configuring root project 'data'.
> Could not resolve all artifacts for configuration ':classpath'.
   > Could not find jib-gradle-plugin.jar (
     Searched in the following locations:

It looks like is empty.

Thanks for your help.

(Eric Wendelin) #2

Hmm, that URL ( resolves correctly for me, including if I add this to a build.gradle file:

plugins {
  id "" version "0.1.0"

Note that this plugin seems to have been uploaded to the Gradle Plugin Portal, and is not synced from Bintray.

Do you have any pluginManagement {} configuration or HTTP firewall restrictions that would prevent which redirects to which is stored on S3 from being resolved?

[EDIT]: I tested this with Gradle 4.6. Which version of Gradle are you using?

(Google Cloud Tools for Java Team) #3

Hey Eric,

Thanks for replying. It looks like it is working now as you mentioned. Perhaps it just took some time to propagate?


(Eric Wendelin) #4

You’re welcome. I’m sorry it did not work as you expected. There should only be any delay if it’s a completely new plugin.

I’m very happy to see your plugins on the Plugin Portal — thank you!

(Google Cloud Tools for Java Team) #5

Thanks for the clarification!