Plugin from nested included build is not available in including build

I have a plugin project Plugin that is included as build into Intermediate which is included as build into Top.
So there is the nested plugin. Apparently the plugin is available in Top project but not in Intermediate.
I need to use the plugin in both. Is that possible?

+- build.gradle.kts
+- settings.gradle.kts
+- :Intermediate
 +- build.gradle.kts
 \- settings.gradle.kts
\- :Plugin
 +- build.gradle.kts
 \- settings.kts

Gradle version: 6.8.2.

Can you share an MCVE?
I tried to reproduce but it worked fine here.

I have it but I cannot create new repo on github, renders with error 500.
Is there other way I can share sources?

Throw it in a ZIP and attach it here?
I guess if it follows the M part it shouldn’t be that big. :slight_smile:

Or try it again, I also got 500, but now it works again

Thank you for patience.
Please check code GitHub - AKhranovskiy/gradle-nested-include-builds: Minimal working example of broken Gradle configuration with nested included builds.

It builds fine until gradle-nested-include-builds/build.gradle.kts at 89968f616b9ae9352158bfb4ed3f0ad36efde677 · AKhranovskiy/gradle-nested-include-builds · GitHub uncommented.

Argh, after investigating half an hour what the difference between your project and my test is, I found that I “accidentally” had 7.0-milestone-1 in my test project, with that it works fine. So it seems this is a bug that will be fixed with 7.0 which will be released before end of month according to Milestones - gradle/gradle · GitHub.

Oh, I should have a version specified. I use 6.8.2. I’ve checked on 7.0-milestone-1, and it works properly.
@Vampire thank you so much for help!