How to apply plugin from included build?

Currently I have a project with some plugins, that will be published to private maven, but before publishing I want to test this plugins. I’ve created test project like this:

|- src
|- test
|- build.gradle
|- build.gradle
|- settings.gradle

And in test-project/settings.gradle I’ve included plugins:

includeBuild '../gradle-plugins'

And then I try to apply one of plugins in test-project/build.gradle:

plugins {
  id 'groovy'
  id '' // here I got an error "Plugin was not found"

Is there a way to apply plugin in layout like that?

I think id works only for published plugins.

Can you try so: apply plugin: "<YOUR-PLUGIN-ID-FROM-PROPERTY-FILE>"?

You can find plugin id in *.properties file (

Thanks for reply!

Just tried that, did’t work :slightly_frowning_face:

Also tried to use apply from just in case, not work too

Can you upload example project? So I can figure it out how to fix it.

Sure. Thanks for helping me!

There is a link to sample repo: github

I’ve also included code with workaraund at test-project/settings.gradle for further searchers. The idea is: publish plugin to private maven repo as snapshot. But there is another problem, pluginManagement can’t include snapshot modules or modules with dynamic versions, so I should specify every new version by hand

It looks like you have some issues with plugin configuration (and package names were incorrect). I guess you copied it from existing project.

Check PR from your project ( It works on my machine :smile:
This gradle example helps me (

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Wow, thanks!

My bad, didn’t notice samples/compositeBuilds and missed links to this plugin java gradle plugin. Documentation is really unclear about that.

Problem resolved now, thanks for help, @nerro!