Please upgrade Gradle's Groovy to 2.4.8 (needed for Java9)

(Dimitar Dimitrov) #1

The currently used Groovy 2.4.7 has an issue with Java9 that breaks the Artifactory plugin.

Please consider upgrading to Groovy 2.8 in Gradle 3.5

Java 9 (build 9-ea+155, mixed mode) problems
(Stefan Wolf) #2

Hi Dimitar,

could you add an issue to the gradle/gradle Github repository? Or could you even try contributing a pull request?


(Dimitar Dimitrov) #3


If I am to create a patch, how shall I do the integration testing? The build would need to run under supported JRE, but run that test build only under Java 8 and 9. Is there java 9 on the CI server?

The original problem is reproducible by the artifactory plugin, but I can imagine you don’t want the extra dependency. Or I can write a dummy plugin exposing the issue?