Gradle should use latest groovy 2.4.6 to be usable with JDK8

(Sven Reimers) #1

Hi all,

with the latest Groovy 2.4.6 a Groovy incompatibility with JDK 9 (Compact Strings) is fixed. Would be nice to have this in Gradle as well, because using Groovy JSON stuff in plugins can break your build (depending on usage of FastStringUtils)…



(Benjamin Muschko) #2

Full support for JDK 9 in Gradle is planned for the 3.0 release. In the course of implementing the compatibility with JDK 9 it would make sense to also upgrade to Groovy 2.4.6 (or the latest version if possible at that point).

(Sven Reimers) #3

Just thought it may be possible do the upgrade to latest groovy before Gradle 3 to help with adoption on JDK 9…