Gradle 2, Groovy 2.3 and Java 8

I seem to remember reading that Gradle 2 (to be the next release after 1.12) would be Groovy 2.2 based.

Is there any chance that you would consider basing it on Groovy 2.3, so it can support Java 8?

Having been stuck on the old Groovy 1.8.6 for so long has been a pain. Replacing it with another lock-in for Java7-only based code for an unknown time makes me want to cry.

I mostly do build logic, and have been looking forward to all the juicy Java 8 stuff. But I just found out that the Eclipse/Groovy plugin with Java 8 support is delayed, waiting for Groovy 2.3, which is the first Groovy to support Java 8. So I’m jumping to the (possibly wrong) conclusion that Gradle 2 will have the same problem.

I don’t know if the Java 8 support could be (or will be) back-ported to Groovy 2.2. Or if you’ll be able to upgrade a later Gradle 2 release to Groovy 2.3.

But I just desperately want to not be stuck in the past again :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jesper

The systems which are based on Gradle API and create its own plugins, conventions and extensions are written to be compatible with Groovy 1.8.6. This is not just change for dependency like bnd from 1.5 to 2.1 or Ant form 1.8.4 to 1.9.1. This change will cause a lot of troubles of Gradle’s users and has to be taken with big dose of precautions and there has to be good reason this change to be made.

@Jesper: I expect that Gradle will be upgraded to the latest Groovy version that’s available by then.

Gradle 2 will be a breaking change. Builds designed for earlier versions and plugins compiled against earlier versions are not guaranteed to work, yet most of them actually will.

We should also be able to move to newer versions of Groovy as they come out until another Groovy compatibility boundary.

Thanks. Sounds good! :slight_smile: