Please devote more resources to support Play Framework

I was elated to hear that gradle added support for Play Framework, however, after thorough testing it seems to be a rather poor implementation (as of now). Could this please be fleshed out to become a more usable feature of Gradle?

The current issues I ran into (with play 2.4) are:

  • Gradle does not know how to compile Play Forms very well. There are major issues with it using the Scala versions of Form and Messages classes (see conversation here)
  • Gradle does not know how to handle Ebeans very well. I’ve given up on ebean support for now as it seems impossible to get every bug ironed out. Particularly, evolutions seem to break hard.
  • IDE support, especially IntelliJ, is non-existent. I’ve tried for a long time to make IntelliJ recognize the project but it fails at every turn. This, in particular, is a non-starter since a complicated framework like Play really benefits from IDE integration.
  • Web resources (css/javascript) are missing at runtime, which wreaks havoc on page rendering.