Gradle support for Play Framework

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Hi, is there any documentation on the support for Play in Gradle?
I found this article: but I’m still lost as to how to start the project.

I’m going to be using a build similar to the multiproject build in the article, with one java library module and one play application module.


This is currently under active development. We are planning to put out more extensive documentation in Gradle 2.6. You can take a look at what’s currently there in the documentation for the latest nightly build.

Awesome! Thanks a lot.

I went through the docs and I had a doubt.
You would still need to create the template from the activator command right? And after that you can use the gradle tasks, or am I mistaken?

Thanks again.

Gradle will not create the structure for you, if that is what you are asking. If you use activator or do it manually that is up to you.

Yes, I was referring to that.

Which version of gradle actually have the playframework plugin? So does it mean that we need not use sbt at all?

The play support exists (in some form) going back to Gradle 2.3, but I’d highly suggest using the latest version. Gradle 2.6 is planned to be released early next week.

That is correct.