Play Framework Support

Play framework is becoming more and more popular. I am using gradle for pretty much all my projects except Play.

There’s some custom/dodgy solutions to integrate gradle and play but would be nice to have a proper solution allowing play and gradle to work together.

We are actively working on Gradle core support for Play. Right now it is mostly foundational work. But expect something that you can play with over the next months. 

Good to hear! I am wondering how hard for you and how nice for us is it going to be though.

With Typesafe pushing more and more on SBT and activator, which have a very different way of doing things compared to gradle, I am wondering if that’s even going possible for you without Typesafe doing an effort on their side.

Good luck with that! :slight_smile:

We can do a good job without requiring changes on Play. Furthermore I think enterprises don’t want to deal with more than one major build system. So this will be good for Play adoption in the enterprise. I see this as offering choice to Play users and I assume that this is how Typesafe also sees this.

Good to hear about this… Is there beta version, I can start using ?

Not yet. But it should be available in the upcoming months.

Hello, Is there any progress regarding this topic? Thanks.

Hey Pavel,
we’re actively working on this at the moment. We got basic support for building and running a simple play app. But there are still some missing bits (like handling different kind of assets, build a distribution, etc). If you download a all distribution of a nightly gradle build, there is a play example in the docs/sample folder. Currently we just support play 2.2.3 and 2.3.5. This will evolve over time and is far from stable. Any feedback is highly appreciated 


Superb!!! Can’t wait for this to be publicly available.

In the mean time though, is there a way to start using gradle as a wrapper around activator/sbt?


Awesome. What is the best way for me to receive updates about this? I’m wanting to follow this closely.

Is play compiles scheduled to be released in 2.3 ?