Parasoft JTest integration with Gradle

Hi All,
Need a help on integrating gradle with parasoft.

We couldn’t find init.gradle or jtest.gradle in the installation folder of Gradle which was mentioned in the Parasoft manual.
Please share us the init.gradle file or the plugin which are to be used for integrating parasoft with gradle.


Hi All, Gradle build file is modified to have Jtest Task. But i couldnt see the JTest in Gradle Tasks even after refreshing.
def jtestPluginPath =‘C://Program Files/parasoft_jtest_10.3.4_win32_x86_64/jtest/integration/gradle/jtest.gradle’
if(file(jtestPluginPath).exists()) {

apply from: jtestPluginPath

jtest {

    // enforcing choosen configuration

    // config = "builtin://Demo Configuration"

   // exclude = "path:**/test/**"


Please help on this.

Parasoft JTest is a commercial product. The Gradle integration is provided by Parasoft, and is not open-source software freely available to this community. You should be better off contacting Parasoft’s support as they have the information about their own commercial product and information about Gradle. Those that may be able to help from the Gradle community don’t likely have access to details about what Parasoft is doing.