Org.gradle.api.tasks.CopyErrorIntegrationTest > reportsUnreadableSourceDir FAILED

(Nap) #1

Just downloaded the 2.12 source files and am building/installing Gradle. At the end of the process, while the tests are taking place, the build failed with:

org.gradle.api.tasks.CopyErrorIntegrationTest > reportsUnreadableSourceDir FAILED
java.lang.AssertionError at CopyErrorIntegrationTest.groovy:87

The output report at the end stated that I had 519 tests, 1 failure, 16 ignored and it took 2m21.75s (99% successful)
Failed tests: as per above message.

I’m building this on Ubuntu 14.04.3 Server with Java 1.8.0_77.

What can I do to fix this?

(Benjamin Muschko) #2

Sounds like an assertion in your test case is not receiving the expected result. Have a look at the generated HTML test report of the Test task (usually somewhere under build/reports/.... It should give you more information about what went wrong.