Is there any guidance for New Contributors on Build Errors?

When I build Gradle using the Gradle Wrapper the README tells me to run “./gradlew build”, but it doesn’t tell me what to do if there are broken integration tests.

Is there a resource for new contributors running a first-time build that helps with troubleshooting?

Also what are the expectations for the Gradle build?

Should a new contributor expect all tests to pass on master? Or are there times when the Gradle source tree is broken by design?

There’s no such resource unfortunately, as it should Just Work™.

What’s failing for you?

430 tests completed, 2 failed

:coreImpl:test FAILED

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • What went wrong:

Execution failed for task ‘:coreImpl:test’.

There were failing tests. See the report at:



Any pointers would be appreciated, I’m trying to capture the experience of someone wholly unfamiliar with the code. What would help is where to look for this test.

Any chance you can send me the 'file:///Users/Tim/Google%20Drive/Gradleware/gitw/gradle/subprojects/core-

impl/build/reports/tests/’ directory? I need to see that report.

I’ve uploaded a zip of that directory to - here it is:

Hello Tim, Are you using Macosx + java7? Peter and me had similar issues. It’s a known issue marked as “can’t reproduce” in oracle bug tracker. A possible workaround is to tweak your /etc/hosts file. my one looks like this: localhost groeschimac.speedport.ip

hope that helped,


Rene, that solved that particular build error.

Thanks for the tip.

If the output of ‘hostname’ isn’t resolving to an IP address, then the coreImpl test fails.

I’ve now moved on to a failure in :internalIntegTesting:compileGroovy - but I’ll try the build on Linux to remove any Java 7 bugs from this issue.

Thanks again.