Opened a multiproject build in buildship and can't see any subprojects

Current structure is

… etc…

The top level opens fine, can see the full tree’s list of build tasks, but the actual subprojects are hidden. I assume I’m missing something, but how can I access so the sub projects, and the code within is visible in the package/explorer view?

Do you have a settings.gradle file?
What do you see when you run ‘gradlew projects’ from the command line from the root folder of the project?

Yes, I have a settings.gradle file

I see something to the effect of:

Root project

Root project 'myproject'
+--- Project ':..'
|    \--- Project ':..:common'
+--- Project ':business_logic'
+--- Project ':infrastructure'
+--- Project ':main'
+--- Project ':presentation'

Am I perhaps misunderstanding how Buildship works? Do I still need to open the sub-projects manually/separately?

No, that is not needed. Point the import wizard to the root project folder and all projects of the multi-project are imported. Note that all projects that already contain a .project file are not touched by Buildship (except the Gradle nature being added).

I have removed all .project files and pointed it at the root. For some reason the subprojects aren’t imported. I tried it with a different project with a similar setup and didn’t have any issues however. Any other thoughts?

Do you see anything in the Eclipse error log?

Found the issue, Whoever created my project had the project name referenced as:

It was complaining about something about having two path references in the project name or something? While strange, that should be valid gradle syntax no? I’ve updated the project and it seems to be working now.

Hi Jeremy

Great to hear that you got it working.

That can best be answered in the Gradle Core forum.