No tasks appearing in Gradle Tasks view

I’ve created root project with a Java subproject. On the command line I can successfully build, run tests, etc. When I import the projects into Eclipse using Buildship, the Gradle Tasks view shows no tasks for either the root project or the subproject.

When I refresh the Gradle Tasks view I see that it’s running the “:server:help” task (‘server’ being the name of the subproject).

I’m fairly new to Buildship/Gradle so not sure what other information I should provide…

What version of Buildship are you using? Can you provide a screenshot or an example project that reproduces the issue?

Sure. I’m using Buildship 1.0.16 plugin; and new repo is at Thanks for looking.

I imported the projects using the Import Gradle Project wizard and the tasks are shown as expected.

Make sure you haven’t activated any filters in the dropdown menu of the tasks view.

I created a new workspace and after importing the projects the tasks show up. So apparently there is something about my other workspace that’s causing the trouble.

I’ll try configuring the new workspace to be the same as my existing one tonight and see if that makes the problem appear again. But at least now I know what the cause is.

Thanks for the help.