Native build public support

Any idea when building native binaries is likely to be promoted from incubation to public?

From what I understand this is still in incubation (Chapter 54. Building native binaries).

We have an archaic build using Ant for a VC++ code base that is nearly 20 years old. It is extremely convoluted and fragile and fails all over the place. I’d really like to use Gradle but I don’t think this will be approved unless this is an officially supported feature of Gradle. I understand that being in incubation things may change but are there any guarantees I can take to the table?

Incubating features are stable and officially supported. Incubating just means the APIs may change somewhat in the future (as they did between Gradle 2.2 and 2.3).

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We can’t guarantee any stability of the “native support” APIs, though we are very conservative about changing them at this point and work hard to manage the changes reasonably.

We can guarantee that we are absolutely committed to native support in Gradle and will be continuing to expand and improve this in coming releases. What we can’t guarantee is that the API will be completely stable in the near future. We always explain the breakages in the release notes and you can get good assistance via this forum in upgrading to later versions when you need to.

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