Is there a concrete roadmap to Gradle 2.0?

Is there a rough target release date? is it an H1 2014 target or more like H2? Am I correct in thinking that gradle 2 will be when all the currently incubating stuff (like the new maven/ivy publish layer and the c++ build support) will be promoted out of incubation and into the mainline with the old approaches removed?

The reason I’m asking is that I need to make a bunch of far reaching changes to our build system in early 2014 and it would be good to do that on solid foundations rather than a “legacy” version.

We don’t have a concrete timeline to share. It’s likely that 2.0 will have some deprecated features removed, and that some incubating features have been promoted by then.


One significant change that is coming in Gradle 2.0 is the upgrade to Groovy 2.

If you’re wondering what features are in store for Gradle 2.0 and beyond, more information will be forthcoming closer to the release. You can also get the information direct from the source at the Gradle Summit in Santa Clara on June 12th and 13th.

Note that neither the new publishing plugins nor the C++ support are likely to be promoted from ‘incubating’ in Gradle 2.0. Both of these features require more work before they can be considered ‘ready’ in terms of a stable API. Because of this, the existing publishing support has not been deprecated and will continue to be supported throughout the Gradle 2.x line.