Is there any in depth documentation for native build support (c / c++), more than what is provided in chapter 54 of the user guide?

The title pretty much says it all. I am also curious when native builds will be able to publish artifacts to repositories. Is there a timeframe for these features to move out of incubation?

Hey Luke. The best way to learn about the native support is to look at the User Guide, and then the various samples under ‘native-binaries’ in the distribution. Other than that, the best examples are to be found in the various test cases under

At the moment this support is under active development and changing frequently, so the documentation is a little sparse. But the samples and tests will always kept up to date with and changes.

Regarding publishing and resolution, it’s on our roadmap and we hope to have a solution in the next 6 months. I don’t expect the support to moved out of incubating any time soon.

Daz, thanks for the quick reply. The samples you mention should be more than adequate, just needed to know where to go to look for them!

That should be enough to get me going, and I will be excitedly waiting for publishing and resolution :slight_smile: