Multi-project ear representation in Eclipse

I am new to Gradle and even newer to Buildship. I have recently completed conversion of an old ant-based build process into Gradle. The artifacts of the build are multiple ear files, made up of several war and/or jar files that are also created by the build, from separate build.gradle files.

To me it is a typical multi-project build, with a parent build.gradle and multiple child build.gradle files, one per module (jar, war, or ear).

I am now trying to convert this build into something usable by Eclipse. I have been able to successfully import, with the end result being a number of eclipse projects, some of which depend on others, that all compile correctly.

The problem is I don’t see any representation of ear files being created. I can manually create a “Enterprise Application Project”, and manually add appropriate facets to each project created by Buildship to get an exploded ear created that appears to have the correct structure, but using this method I can’t find a way to get all of the subproject dependencies into the ear’s lib directory.

So - from a newbie perspective, am I lacking some fundamental knowledge of Buildship that will allow automatic creation of “Eclipse” enterprise archives that can be incrementally updated in a debug environment (as code changes occur), or is there something else I can do in some form of Eclipse “Enterprise Application Project” to properly capture all of the dependencies declared in each of the sub-projects into the ear’s lib directory, as they do in the regular Gradle build?


Sorry about not responding for a while. Rest assured, we’ll get back to you later, probably next week.

Right now Buildship provides no web tools support, as is targeted to work on plain Java projects. We are investigating how can we add WTP integration but it is only a plan for the time being.