Eclipse project & Gradle-built jar file for same Gradle project both in "Projects and External Dependencies"

I have a Gradle project X that depends on a Gradle project Y. Both use the Java plugin. Building from the command line leaves me with build folders with .class and .jar files as expected. However, when I import the projects into Eclipse using Buildship, Eclipse project X ends up in a state where its “Projects and External Dependencies” folder shows both Eclipse project Y and Y.jar. This happens in the context of a large system with many Gradle projects, custom Gradle plugins, and inscrutable Gradle build scripts. (I’m trying to convert the dev environment from using a single Eclipse project with manually-maintained Eclipse .classpath file to using Buildship.) When I try a simple, standalone case, Eclipse project X’s “Projects and External Dependencies” shows only Eclipse project Y, as I’d expect.

I’m new to Gradle and Buildship and just looking for clues as to what I might look for in that pile of Gradle build scripts, etc. (I’m quite familiar with Maven and m2e so I sort of know what I’m up against though :slight_smile: )

Thanks for any suggestions.