Buildship and non Maven depenencies (fileTree)


I’m trying to import a Gradle project with Buildship on Eclipse and it has the following dependencies definition:

dependencies {
    compile (
        fileTree(dir: "${System.env.SEARCH_HOME}/lib/java/all/", include: '*.jar')

Basically I need to import all the JAR files inside a folder located by an environment variable. While I know Maven dependencies would be better, I cannot use Maven in this case, please don’t ask me to do so :slight_smile:

While that works fine with Gradle, in Eclipse it seems this fileTree type dependency is not respected. I have to manually add all the JAR files in the project settings for the compilation to work.

Am I missing something, or is this just not supported at the moment?



Hi Nico,

this should work, which version of Gradle and Buildship are you using?


Apologies, it works indeed. I re-imported the project to confirm and I got all my dependencies listed under “Build path” / “Project and external dependencies”.


Great, thanks for verifying :slight_smile: