Missing An Input Or Output Annotation

Hello, I wanted to upgrade my gradle from 6.8.1 to 7.0.2, and I keep getting the following error for almost all my tasks.

- Type 'se.transmode.gradle.plugins.docker.DockerTask' property 'apiPassword' is missing an input or output annotation.
    Reason: A property without annotation isn't considered during up-to-date checking.
    Possible solutions:
      1. Add an input or output annotation.
      2. Mark it as @Internal.

I do not understand what actually I am supposed to do. Can someone guide me what the error is telling me to do


The error is telling you that se.transmode.gradle.plugins.docker.DockerTask is not implemented as suggested, which is now required and enforced in the newest versions. The suggested possible solutions are really for the plugin author that wrote the task, not the end user.

As that plugin is really old and hasn’t been maintained for a number of years, you’re probably better off switching to one of the Docker plugins that are still maintained and keep up with support for new versions.