Managing Python and Java

Hello, I’m a new Gradle User and I’m trying to use it for a project that contains both Java and Python.

I’m setting up a new environment, and got started with Eclipse (neon) and have installed Buildship and PyDev. I was experimenting with trying to add Python under the src folder using the PyDev wizards. However, PyDev doesn’t seem to play well here (when creating a new python source folder is added under the project’s root folder, not under the src/python folder). I’m new but not being able to get it under the src folder seems like it’s opening the doors to hacks which defeat the point of organizing with Gradle.

Any advice on how to approach managing both Java and Python together Gradle? Either with Buildship and PyDev or some other solution?

Thank you.

Linked-in maintain the PyGradle project, I suggest you take a look at the examples. I’d say it’s easiest / cleanest to have a multi project build with separate projects for python and java rather than attempting both in a single project