Ivy repository using key file

We are migrating from gradle 1.5 and all our builds connect to ivy via a key file over sftp. As of 2.3 it still looks like only username and password is supported. Is there any intention to support key files?

Looking at the code it looks like PasswordCredentials is used everywhere. Is it worth me even trying to patch in a key file alternative or are key files a no go area?

A lot of our enterprise builds are set up to use key files so we are currently dependant on pre 2.0 gradle.

Hey Carl,
in the mid/long term we want to support multiple authentication mechanisms. As part of our effort to support S3 backed repositories we opened this up a bit as S3 requires an AWS specific authentication (accesskey, privatekey). I think adding key file support for sftp backed repositories would be a nice feature. In the long run, we’re thinking about detanglig authentication mechanisms from repository definitions.

Thanks for your reply. Sounds like it will be some time in the future. Does the team have a public feature roadmap? I saw the S3 support page, but couldn’t find anything about ssh / sftp files.

Until then we really I can’t see an easy way to “plug-in” this feature. We were looking forward to using newer features and getting some of the performance benefits of the newer gradle versions.