Adding buildscript repositories dynamically for multiple projects

Let’s assume we have 3 projects A(plugin), B(api-lib) and C(client-app). A and B uploaded to the Ivy repo and accessed in C over SFTP:

buildscript {

def resolveUserName = {

if (project.hasProperty(“user”)) {

return project.user


return System.getenv(“USER”)


def resolveKeyFile = {

if (project.hasProperty(“keyFile”)) {

return project.keyFile


return “${System.getenv(“HOME”)}/.ssh/id_rsa”


def resolveKeyFilePassword = {

if (project.hasProperty(“keyFilePassword”)) {

return project.keyFilePassword


throw new GradleException("""

Cannot resolve password for your key at ${resolveKeyFile()}.



repositories.add(new SFTPResolver()) {

name = “plugin-repo”

host = “

user = resolveUserName()

keyFile = project.file(resolveKeyFile())

keyFilePassword = resolveKeyFilePassword()

addIvyPattern “/apks/repos/libs/[organization]/[module]/[revision]/ivy-[revision].xml”

addArtifactPattern “/apks/repos/libs/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]”



So the question is:

  1. A needs SFTP repo config to download B - repo config defined in separate Gradle build file and applied in the main build.gradle

  2. C needs SFTP repo config to download A - repo defined inside buildscript section(see example code above)

  3. C needs SFTP repo config to download B - repo configured by plugin A

So, how to unite those 3 places to reduce code duplication ? Basically, I need to configure repo for downloading normal dependencies, buildscript dependencies and ability to add configured repo to all projects when plugin A is applied