Issues with using in DSL plugin in flutter

I have been stuck into a problem for quite a while. In my flutter project I have recently migrated to using DSL plugin and a package requires to add → classpath ‘’ . However, while adding a ‘’ plugin Im getting an error. I would really appreciate if someone could guide me in this as I have been stuck in this for quite a while:

Plugin [id: '', version: '7.3.1', apply: false] was not found in any of the following sources:

* Try:
> Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output.
> Run with --scan to get full insights.

* Exception is:
org.gradle.api.plugins.UnknownPluginException: Plugin [id: '', version: '7.3.1', apply: false] was not found in any of the following sources:

- Gradle Core Plugins (plugin is not in 'org.gradle' namespace)
- Included Builds (None of the included builds contain this plugin)
- Plugin Repositories (could not resolve plugin artifact '')
  Searched in the following repositories:
    Gradle Central Plugin ....

these are my gradle setup files:

pluginManagement {
    def flutterSdkPath = {
        def properties = new Properties()
        file("").withInputStream { properties.load(it) }
        def flutterSdkPath = properties.getProperty("flutter.sdk")
        assert flutterSdkPath != null, "flutter.sdk not set in"
        return flutterSdkPath


    repositories {

plugins {

    id '' version '7.3.1' apply false // ERROR HERE
    id "dev.flutter.flutter-plugin-loader" version "1.0.0"
    id "" version '7.4.2' apply false
    id "" version "1.7.10" apply false
    id '' version "4.3.15" apply false

include ":app"


plugins {
    id ""
    id "kotlin-android"
    id "dev.flutter.flutter-gradle-plugin"
    id ""
    id ''

android {
    namespace ""
    compileSdkVersion rootProject.ext.compileSdkVersion

    ndkVersion flutter.ndkVersion

    compileOptions {
        coreLibraryDesugaringEnabled true
        sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
        targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8

    kotlinOptions {
        jvmTarget = '1.8'


    sourceSets { += 'src/main/kotlin'

    defaultConfig {
        applicationId ""
        minSdkVersion rootProject.ext.minSdkVersion
        targetSdkVersion rootProject.ext.targetSdkVersion
        versionCode flutterVersionCode.toInteger()
        versionName flutterVersionName
        multiDexEnabled true


    signingConfigs {

    buildTypes {
        release {
            signingConfig signingConfigs.release
            shrinkResources false

flutter {
    source '../..'

dependencies {
    coreLibraryDesugaring ''
    implementation 'androidx.window:window:1.0.0'
    implementation 'androidx.window:window-java:1.0.0'
    implementation "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-stdlib-jdk7:1.7.10"

As the error tells you, there is no plugin with the ID
Also, even if there would be, it would be useless in your case, just remove that line and you are fine. is an existing plugin is the according code artifact that contains the plugin with that ID and some others. So by having there, you already have on the classpath too already, in version 7.4.2.