Is this the right way to download the android plugin source code for

I’m in the process of attempting to convert our android build to use gradle using the new android gradle plugin. However, I’m having trouble with the Manifest merging that its not intuitively obvious to me and there is little documentation on this process. I was hoping to browse the source see if I could troubleshoot.

I’m new to android and never downloaded any source from them. I’m a bit overwhelmed working my way through this doc:

After downloading the repo, tool. I specify that I want the tools project based on branch tools_r22 ( found that branch from this url: Then I perform a repo sync (which is taking a good amount of time…)

repo init -u -g tools -b tools_r22
repo sync

does this sound about right?

Ideally once I have this, I might be able walk through the code and reverse engineer how this manifest merging works and possibly modify the plugins/tasks to add more logging and publish to my local repo for my android gradle project to pick up.



I recommend asking this question via!forum/adt-dev.

The Android tools guys hang out there.

Thanks. I’ll go visit that forum as I’ve got other questions… looks like I indeed did have the correct set of steps.