Is the option to specify min/max dependency versions documented in user guide?

This might be a documentation (omission) bug, but I’ll just ask the question first.

I was reading the new book “Gradle Dependency Management”. I generally expect books like this to have the same information as in the user guide, just emphasizing different things. I still get value out of them because of that. Every once in a while I discover something in an “alternate user guide” like this that I can’t even find in the regular user guide.

In a section of the book titled “Using dynamic versions”, it has the expected information about specifying version strings like “4.0.+”. However, it also describes a feature I wasn’t aware of, which is defining versions in a “range” like “[1.0, 2.0]” with several variations. I just scanned the two “dependencies” chapters, and I didn’t see this mentioned.

Does this feature actually exist? Did I miss it in the user guide somewhere?

You’re right: we’ve inherited the behaviour from Ivy and never documented it ourselves. You’ll find reference documentation here:

I think it would be useful to include something like this in our user guide, or at the very least let users know where they can find it.