Gradle versioning regex syntax

Hello gradle community,

I have encountered an issue with artifactory as it seems like there are some faulty naming conventions in our enterprise that is causing my build script to faulty version that does not correctly map to my ivy

For example:

We are pulling from two different repos ivy1, maven1

And even though ivy1 is listed as the first repo, it still always use the version from maven1 for the project instead of ivy1. Disregard that, it seems like I can hardcode the version to correctly use ivy1’s files but I would like to not do that, however, it seems like a simple bypass.

the correct version is 1.5.6
however maven1 has a version and

Is there a way to still specify a range in gradle, but to use the first 3 numbering suffix only? So for say [1.5.4, 1.6.0] look at only 1.5.4,1.5.5,1.5.6,…,1.6.0 and ignore the other suffices after?