Dynamic version ranges broken (or at least, different) in Gradle 1.9

Using version notation below works with gradle 1.7 and 1.8, but is broken in 1.9.

repositories {
 configurations {
 dependencies {
  config 'junit:junit:[4.10,4.+]'

I looked at the release notes and did not find any reason for this to have broken. Is there a better way to approach this functionality?

Also, I guess I never specified. When running ‘gradle dependencies’ with 1.9 the output is


Root project


— junit:junit:[4.10,4.+] FAILED

Actually it doesn’t work in 1.8 either (only 1.7). This is likely related to some major internal refactorings we did in the dependency management code. Raised GRADLE-2961. Thanks for reporting.