Short notation for configuration in dependency

When declaring a dependency, I love the short notation “group:module:version@extension”

But most of the times, for complex artifacts, you need to specify the conf to use, instead of using the default one.
Right now, we have to use the long notation for that.

Is it planned to include the configuration in the short notation ? (e.g. "group:module:version@extension#configuration"
Or maybe this is a convention that could not be changed ?

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your question, but when do you ever NOT specify the configuration to use? I’m not aware of a “default” configuration, and I don’t think I would ever use that. You can’t get much more concise than:

compile "group:module:version@extension"

You seem to be proposing this:


which is exactly the same number of characters.

Yes I think you’re misunderstanding the question.
It’s about the ‘conf’ attribute (see configuration mapping section in
It is not about the configuration as defined in Gradle terms (ie the ‘compile’ configuration)

This is not planned at this time.