How are Ivy configuration mappings managed/handled in Gradle?

In Ivy, when we specify that module B depends on module A, we have the ability to further specify a configuration mapping (to say that B.test depends on A.compile).

Does Gradle have the ability to specify this relationship?

If not, what does Gradle do when it encounters Ivy repository metadata that specifies configuration mappings?

Hopefully this manual section might clear things up a bit:

Can you please post back as to whether that answers your query or not.

Thanks, so it looks like

<dependency org='org.somegroup' name='somedependency' rev='1.0' conf='runtime->someConfiguration'/>

would become this (untested):

dependencies {
    runtime group: 'org.somegroup', name: 'somedependency', version: '1.0', configuration: 'someConfiguration'

That’s the one.

Can you specify multiple configurations?

e.g. from ivy.xml

<dependency org="org.hibernate" name="hibernate-entitymanager" rev="" conf="default->compile, master(*)">

I thought the Gradle equivalent would be as follows but this doesn’t work. I’ve seen several posts on the gradle-user mail list like this but didn’t see any answers.

dependencies {
    runtime group: 'org.hibernate', name: 'hibernate-entitymanager', version: '', configuration: 'compile, master'


p.s. is it OK to add a question to an ‘answered’ forum post? If not apologies if I’ve gone against the forum etiquette.

i’m wondering about this as well…

Any answers?