Installing ssl certificate

Trying to install ssl certificate in remote cache node.

Wanted some clarification on this line - Build Cache Node User Manual | Gradle Enterprise Docs

To use your own certificate, place an X.509 certificate (including intermediates) at «data-dir»/conf/ssl.crt and your PKCS#1 or PKCS#8 private key at «data-dir»/conf/ssl.key . Both files must be in PEM format.

The line above means, both cert and key should be placed inside data/conf directory?

I added ssl.key and ssl.crt in data/conf directory. Now, https works. But it’s not able to make connection with gradle enterprise server.

I had to start the container with --allow-untrusted-ssl
Wondering why it’s required now? The url is accessible using https on web, but if not able to connect with gradle enterprise sever unless it’s started with --allow-untrusted-ssl