Build Cache Node - HTTPS not active?

Dear community,

i have just started the docker image of the build cache node and successfully entered the web ui using http.
However, I would like to access the server via https but the connection is refused.

I have started the docker image like this
docker run -d -v /opt/gradle/build-cache-node:/data -p 8443:443 -p 8080:80 gradle/build-cache-node:latest

and yes, the ports are open.

Any glues? Are there any additional configurations required?

Thank you in advance.

You’ll need to follow the instructions in the Build Cache > Remote nodes > Serving via HTTPS section of the Gradle Enterprise manual.

Thank you! Indeed, I missed that! Providing key and cert allowed me to enter using https.

However, first I was using a symbolic link to my certificate on the server which didnt work. After copying the actual files it is working. Any glue on that? As it is a certificate from letsencrypt I would rather prefer a symbolic link than copying the files after each renewel.

Symbolic links generally cause problems in Docker (i.e. a symbolic link on the host to another location on the host doesn’t get you the file you want in the container, but a symbolic link to a location that doesn’t exist in the container). Rather than symbolic links, use Docker to mount the desired locations where they need to be located or go all-in and let another container handle the certificate renewal.

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Thank you for your explanation. In fact, I am new to docker, but regarding symbolic links in relation to the actual docker environment it makes actually much sense :slight_smile: