Info needed on gradle release plugin as how maven provides release plugin

Can any one let me know if there is any release plugin provided by gradle to do similar tasks performed as Maven release plugin do? I know we can load the maven tasks in gradle but do not want to do it and keep things clean if there is any inbuilt plugin provided by gradle. If there is one please please post sample config or code. Thanks in advance.

In maven we have the following tasks performed by maven release plugin:

release:clean Clean up after a release preparation. release:prepare Prepare for a release in SCM. release:prepare-with-pom Prepare for a release in SCM, and generate release POMs that record the fully resolved projects used. release:rollback Rollback a previous release. release:perform Perform a release from SCM. release:stage Perform a release from SCM into a staging folder/repository. release:branch Create a branch of the current project with all versions updated. release:update-versions Update the versions in the POM(s).

Is the gradle release plugin still under development and also is the version published a stable version?


I’m also interested in this subject. Is there a gradle alternative of mvn release?

Thanks, Mihai

If you search the web for “gradle release plugin”, you’ll find several third-party release plugins for Gradle. There’s also one from the jFrog folks (makers of Artifactory).