How to manage Releases in Gradle, Sonatype Nexus and Jenkins?

Moving from Maven/pom world to Gradle, Jenkins and Nexus. How do we manage releases in this Ecosystem ?

I do see a Artifactory Jenkins plugin which does exactly what Maven release plugin does on Jenkins. But i am not able to find an equivalent plugin for Jenkins which does that for Nexus/Gradle. I do see a Gradle Jenkins plugin , but that plugin does not have a release build button in Jenkins or the bumping of Version number or snapshot/SCM integrations.

Should i write my own script to do that or have 2 separate Jenkins jobs, one for deploying snapshots and other doing releases using Gradle releases plugin ?

I am not tied to using this model, Open to any other suggestions for this environment.

You can either use Artifactory’s Gradle plugin, which will give you a Maven-like release workflow, or implement your own, custom solution. (I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other third-party release plugins, but I haven’t checked them.)