Maven-style release plugin

Hi all,

We are currently using gradle-release plugin (Gradle - Plugin: net.researchgate.release) to release a somewhat complex (Java-based) multi-project build and as we have been upgrading Gradle to more recent versions we have been encountering various issues. We think most might be related to multi-project build complexities but that said, our build (and releases with this plugin) did work as expected with pre-v5 Gradle. Now they do not and we are stuck with an older gradle version because of this.

By the look of the GitHub repository of the plugin, it might be, that this plugin is not maintained anymore. I tried looking into the documentation of Gradle and did not find any best-practice and/or at least unofficially supported way for making (Maven release-plugin styled) releases. What we are aiming for is a simple release-cycle to build & check a multi-module project and if successful, automatic tagging of the releases in our Mercurial repository.

Is there a good & “supported” way of making & tagging releases with Gradle or, is there a plugin (that we did not find when looking for one) that would do this for us?