Importing existing single gradle project in a multi-project setup

Hey buildship team,

I have a quick question. So I already have a multi-module project setup imported into eclipse workspace with a single parent and about a dozen child module/projects. Now from command line I’ve added a new child module/project and I now want to import just this single project into Eclipse. But Buildship import wizard refuses to do this because it isn’t the “Root” project. So I’m blocked from importing this single child module/project. So I tried to “reimport” the root thinking that maybe the import wizard would just pick up the new missing child and import that one (ala maven import wizard), but it fails here as well.

Is there another way to import this new child into existing structure?

Hi Gregory

Buildship 1.0.3 will support additions/removals of child-projects during project refresh:

You can then just run the ‘project fresh’ context menu item and your change is picked up.

1.0.3 will come within the next couple of weeks.


Thanks for the note, I’ve added myself to that bugz entry.

The latest Buildship 1.0.5 release supports the this feature. If you add a new child module to your build and execute a refresh (right click on the root project and select Gradle > Refresh Gradle Project) the new project will appear in the Eclipse workspace.