Import Fails to enable Java Perspective

When I create a new Gradle project (Java Faceted) I have no problem when I Open the Java Perspective (Package Explorer) - it displays the packages fine. But when I import an existing Gradle project - my project only displays in the Java EE Perspective. I have been trying different things over last couple of days now with no success. No matter what I do the project fails to display in the Java Perspective.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks!

Are you using the buildship plugin for importing the gradle project into eclipse?

I am using Ecipse plugin for Gradle IDE for Eclipse Mars1. Then I use import Gradle Project.

I assume you’re talking about the STS gradle plugin here and not of the buildship plugin. Hard to tell what’s going wrong there as I have no insights of that plugin. What kind of project and what gradle plugins has the project you’re importing applied? Do you do any eclipse related configuration in the gradle build script of the project?

Thanks that was the problem. I removed Pivotal support for Gradle and use BuildShip exclusively. The buildship plugin works great! Pivotal (STS) should remove their plugin from Eclipse MarketPlace. Its confusing and import does not properly create eclipse environment.

BuildShip working as expected.